Sharabesh Ramesh
UC Berkeley Computer Science



I am recent graduate at from the University of California, Berkeley. Over this summer, I worked with the Facebook Web Speed team desiging new infrastructure elements to increase the performance of the core Facebook product. Last summer I worked as a Software Engineering Intern at Cisco System's Core Software Group - Wireless Department where I worked on a couple of cool things related to wireless management and cloud interfaces. Over the Academic Year, I am working with the Berkeley Institute for Data Science on a meta-analysis tool for neuro-imaging literature called Brainspell as well as with Professor Dawn Song's blockchain research team to develop a faster throughput lower latency decentralized exchange.

I have also been involved with Raydiant Oxymetry (a Berkeley based startup) out of the CITRIS Bantao Institute to develop a real-time analytics system for their biomedical devices. Outside of pure coding, I've been working with Berkeley's computer science education program, tutoring for Data Structures and Algorithms (CS 61B) and Lab assisting for the Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs (CS 61A). Whenever possible I also like to explore the application of CS in areas of biomedical importance. I've worked on individual projects exploring Protein domain boundary prediction and Homology based transmembrane helix prediction. Links and images of my work are above. Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns.

Professional Experience

Software Engineering Intern

Facebook Web Speed

I am currently working with the Facebook Webspeed team to design new infrastructure to optimize the loading of critical resources for the main Facebook page. This work has mostly centered around the construction of new infrastructure elements in JavaScript/Flow and PHP/Hack

Data Analytics Intern


Over the spring semester of 2018 I will be working with Genentech's Clinical Coding Strategy group in automation and analysis of data from global clinical trials to optimize the clinical trial audit process.

Undergraduate Researcher

Berkeley Institute for Data Science

During my time with the Berkeley Institute for Data Science, I've worked with international teams to produce a meta-analytics tool for neuroimaging literature. Much of this work has revolved around backend development in Tornado, Database organization using PostgreSQL and Peewee ORM, as well as front-end development with Jquery, HTML, and CSS. Brainspell is designed to address issues with reproducibility as well as collaboration in neuroimaging literature by bringing simple crowd-sourced human curation to a web-based platform.

Software Engineering Intern

Cisco Core Software Group

As a software engineering intern at Cisco Systems, I worked with the Wireless to group to develop a simple, scalable management solution for Cisco's Mobility Express Wireless Controllers and Access Points. I worked heavily in backend web, designing server infrastructure in NodeJs and Python's Asynchronous Tornado framework, as well as writing device level software in C to interface with a REST API. I also worked in developing a communication protocol to establish a persistent connection between devices behind a firewall and a central cloud server.

Software Engineering Fellow

Raydiant Oximetry, Citris Bantao Institute

I am currently working with a startup in UC Berkeley's CITRIS startup incubator to develop a scalable real-time analytics platform capable of processing signal information to derive an evaluation of infant health. I am also working on algorithm optimization in order to effectively mask noise and gather a true measure of infant oxygen saturation levels.

Academic Intern

UC Berkeley Computer Science Department

Over the past year, I've worked with Berkeley's Introductory Computer Science Course (CS61A) to teach general concepts in Computer Science, Object Oriented Design, and Basic Algorithms. The majority of this work was done in Python, Scheme, and SQL. I am also providing additional review for Berkeley's Data Structures and Algorithms Course (CS61B).

PCB Development

Pioneers in Robotics Foundation

I worked with a group on campus to develop Printed Circuit Boards for integration into Robotic development kits. These boards were designed in EAGLE and ultimately deployed to hundreds of local competition kits. Code

BioInformatics Analysis

UC Berkeley

I am working on developing software to automate protein domain boundary detection as well as developing a true Transmembrane Helix Prediction algorithm using phylogenomic consensus methods. The code is deployed to Github